Although we obviously did not wait for the Covid-19 pandemic to comply with basic hygiene rules, recent events have forced us to redefine the concept of "cleanliness" within our establishment.

Also, and to ensure the well-being of our guests as well as health security, here are our 7 golden rules now in force in Château d'Hassonville.

1. Aeration
The healthy country air, the breath of spring that fills the room when dawn breaks. Soon in summer, he’s already lurking in the still timid rays of a growing sun.
The air, therefore, which twirls and renews itself in our interiors. He is our primary concern, it is he that we breathe, he whose quality we will ensure.

2. Respect for barrier gestures during cleaning
Just a few weeks ago, a few months ago, when you mentioned "barrier gestures", you would have thought of the guards of the same name who protected the roads when the trains passed - who, then, could hide others.

But today, and by dint of having heard it incessantly repeated, you know what these gestures cover: masks, gels, and gloves, the triptych victorious against the spread of the virus that has so suddenly burst into our lives.

We strictly follow the guidelines issued by the government.

Difficult, however, to apply "social distancing" to cleaning a hotel room, we do not yet have a robot advanced enough to pick up the towels lying in the bathroom. Maybe someday…

3. Use of a good disinfectant
During a pandemic, can we distinguish the “good” from the “bad” disinfectant? In itself, a disinfectant disinfects, it is understood and it is already very good. A degreasing disinfectant is a degreaser. And a disinfectant that "diffuses essential oils of lavender and orange peel" is a scam.

We use products in accordance with the standards issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.

This means that not only do they kill germs, bacteria and viruses, but they respect the integrity of nature, emitting no toxic substances.

4. Items to clean and disinfect
• Door handles
• Switches
• Remote controls
• Tables
• Fan and lamp chains
• Window sills and handles
• Keys
• Hair dryer
• Ironing boards and irons
• Garbage cans and recycling bins
• Washbasins
• Bathroom
• Tap handles
• Showers and baths
• Curtains and shower doors
• Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soap dispensers
• Hangers and luggage rack
• Night tables
• Taps
Do not forget after using them:
• Dishwasher
• Vacuum
• Washer / dryer

5. Use of disposable supplies
Exceptionally, we use disposable cleaning supplies, to be sure not to bring the virus from one room to another.

However, our supplies are made from recycled materials, and are biodegradable, sometimes they even biodegrade before we even use them, that is to say that they are of quality!

6. Washing of fabrics at very high temperature
All our fabrics (sheets, curtains, towels, slippers ...) are washed at very high temperature, 60 ° which is nevertheless much more suitable as long as you want to be able to take advantage of our cotton-based supplies.

7. Collection of non-essential documents and objects
Exceptionally, we will remove all non-essential documents and objects: questionable decorative elements, magazines etc.